Are there are exclusions I need to be aware of?



The type of Cinema Discount Code you purchase determines the type of film which you can redeem it against. A 2D Discount Code will be redeemable against a 2D performance. A 3D Discount Code will be redeemable against both 2D and 3D performances. Discount Codes are not valid for Premium Priced Content (Including, D-Box, 4DX, IMAX, Super Screen, Special Advance Screenings, Delux Screens or VIP Boxes).




ODEON Discount Codes are not valid for Premier, Club, D-Box, or any other premium priced seating. Not valid for 3D, IMAX, ISENSE, Gallery, ODEON Event Cinema, ODEON Kids, ODEON Silver Cinema, ODEON Newbies or ODEON Screen Unseen. Not valid on premieres, special events or screenings or events not open to the public.




Tickets are subject to availability. Uplift charges for any film which is not a standard 2D film may be payable by the Discount Code holder. The Discount Code is not valid for any non-standard (premium) seating or any non-film performance (such as alternative content or live performances).

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