LifeWorks App on Microsoft Teams

What can I do in the LifeWorks App in Microsoft Teams?
With the Microsoft Teams and LifeWorks integration, you can reach out for help, browse online wellbeing resources, and explore the information you need without leaving Teams.

It also makes it easier to access your Employee Assistance Program, where you can talk to experienced and caring professionals in confidence 24/7. Getting timely, qualified assistance and support within Teams can help you no matter where you’re working. LifeWorks can help you become happier, healthier, and more productive with the best user experience and wellness features.

Depending on your account configuration, you may be able to: 

  • Get immediate support with our world-leading Employee Assistance Program offering 24/7 best-in-class counselling, and digital & telephonic health coaching ​
  • Browse articles and search for resources that support you in learning about your health and wellbeing
  • Give recognition to colleagues
  • Join ourCareNow Programs- CBT based digital clinical programs to support you anytime, anywhere​
  • Join one of our health and wellness challenges
  • Complete assessments 
  • Access partner links
  • Viewtiering points and status in the App and link out to the platform to view rewards

Please note, features available in the LifeWorks App in Microsoft Teams are subject to what your employer or sponsoring organization has provided and your account configuration. If additional services such as Telemedicine or AbilitiCBT are available to you, then you will also be able to access these from the Teams App. 

If you access LifeWorks through a personalized, unique, log in, then you may have a more personalized experience in the App; meaning you can view any specific programs or challenges that you are currently participating in. 

What are the benefits of adding the LifeWorks App to Teams?
Downloading the LifeWorks app to Microsoft Teams helps keep your personal health and wellbeing on top of your mind. Accessing LifeWorks in Teams helps encourage daily wellness breaks and establishes healthy habits that can improve your Work-Life Balance.

Is my personal data safe when using LifeWorks in Microsoft Teams? 
The Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program gives users the confidence they need while using apps in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.  

The LifeWorks Teams application is a Tier 2 (Publisher Attestation) Microsoft 365 certified App that has been reviewed against industry standards and controls for security, compliance, and data handling practices.   ​  

The information provided for the attestation covers the entire App functionality that is exposed when the App is activated in an organization's Microsoft 365 platform and includes the following:​ 

  • ​Data Handling: How an app collects and stores organizational data, and what control an organization has over that data​
  • Security: The protocols, processes, and procedures that an app has to protect data and detect and repel cyber-attacks​Compliance: The app's adherence to required industry standards and specification​ 
  • Legal: The app's adherence to applicable legislative statues and regulations​

You can learn more about this certification from Microsoft:

I don’t see LifeWorks in my Microsoft Teams, how can I install it? 
As long as your organization allows you to download applications, then you can click on the 3 dots on the sidebar in Teams and then search for “LifeWorks”. You can install the app from here. If you are unable to see the app, this could be due to your location, or your organisation may not permit downloading of apps. Contact your IT department to learn more about your permissions.

I don’t see LifeWorks in my Microsoft Teams after I download it, how do I access it? 
Click on the 3 dots on the sidebar and locate the LifeWorks app. Right click the app and select ‘pin’.

I don’t see the app on the Teams Store/Microsoft Marketplace. Why is this?
The app may not be available in your region. You may also not have permission from your organization to download apps. Please ask your IT department for more information regarding your permissions.

Why is the LifeWorks language in Teams different from the language on or in the standalone LifeWorks app?
When accessing LifeWorks within Microsoft Teams, the default language will match the Teams default language. You can choose a preferred language for LifeWorks on the login screen, or through the settings tab in the LifeWorks app within Teams after you log in.

Why do some items open on LifeWorks web/native apps when others open within Teams?
While LifeWorks focuses on setting up as many LifeWorks features as we can directly inside Microsoft Teams, you might notice that some links will open in your web browser or mobile app instead. To make things easier for you, we maintain your login on the web/native apps to save you having to log in again.