What is LifeWorks counseling?

LifeWorks offers assessment, referral, and when appropriate, professional, credentialed counselling by phone, live by video, and in person. A LifeWorks consultant will help you determine which option is right for you based on your individual situation, schedule, and comfort level with technology. All LifeWorks counsellors have at minimum, a Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Educational Counselling or other human services domain, and have five years of therapy experience.


LifeWorks' counselling is short-term, and solution-focused, which means it is our goal to help you resolve a personal or professional issue. Your counsellor will listen to what you have been experiencing and help you identify next steps, as well as to provide recommendations. It is your counsellor's goal and responsibility to determine an appropriate counselling model to meet your needs, which means suggesting an "action plan" -- a certain number of sessions to resolve your particular issue. Together, you'll take steps each session to move forward towards solving the issue.


You can access counselling for each issue you may be experiencing, and if you call us on the toll-free number, we can connect you with a counsellor by phone immediately. If we refer you for face-to-face counselling, we will refer you to one of our qualified, Master's level counsellors practicing in your area and you will attend appointments at their location. We work hard to ensure that no two individuals from the same employer are ever scheduled back-to-back at the same counsellor's office.

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