What Claims Information are you Sharing?

Because you will receive access to our Services via an insurance product purchased by your employer from the RBCI Life Insurance Company (“RBCI”), your Services may be enhanced by certain information about you, your spouse, and/or your dependant(s) (if any) that RBCI provides to us (the “RBCI Information”).  However, we must obtain your explicit consent to receive such RBCI Information about you.  If you do not provide your consent, or choose to opt out in the future, you will still receive our Services, but your user experience will not be enhanced by the customized features and personalized experience we are able to offer by incorporating the RBCI Information about you.  By clicking the “Allow Access” button on the Sharing your Claims Information with LifeWorks screen you will be shown when you activate your Account or from within your Account Settings, you will be providing your explicit consent to the following:

First, by providing your explicit consent you agree that we may obtain the following categories of Claims Information from RBCI about you, which constitutes your “RBCI Information” for purposes of this consent:

  • Claim Number
  • Package ID
  • Policy No.
  • Group Name
  • Billing Division No.
  • Employee ID
  • Dependent No.
  • Dependent Type
  • Patient Birth Date
  • Patients Gender
  • Procedure Code or Din
  • Service Date
  • Product
  • Benefit Category
  • Claim Status Code
  • Employee/plan member Province
  • Provider Province
  • Provincial Formulary Indicator
  • Provincial Limited Use Indicator
  • Benefit Description
  • Brand / Generic Code
  • Brand / Generic Description
  • Provider Name
  • Medical Condition Code
  • Medical Condition Description
  • Maintenance Drug Indicator

A more detailed description of the information covered by these categories is available upon request.

Second, by providing your consent you agree that we may combine your RBCI Information with other data you provide to us (such as when you create your Account profile) or data we gather from you when you use our Services, our Website or App, including from modules you complete (such as our Heath Risk Assessment tool), preferences you indicate in your profile, or other information you provide to us while (such as your choices of snackable content topics to review).  This combined data about you (the “Combined Data”) is what allows us to enhance and personalize your user experience. With this data, we can communicate content and features which we consider to be more relevant and interesting to you.

Third, by providing your consent you agree that we may use and analyse the Combined Data about you to provide you with a customized and personalized user experience on our Website and App (as those terms are defined in the User Terms).  Our customization and personalization activities include analysing your RBCI Information to make predictions about what Services will be useful to you and recommendations about information or offers that may be interesting or relevant to you.

Fourth, by providing your consent you agree that we may share the Combined Data about you with third party service providers who perform data analytics services for us.  We use these data analytics services to develop and refine the ways we personalize and customize our Website, App and Service user experience.  We do not allow these third parties to use any Combined Data for any purpose other than to provide services directly to us and these third parties do not acquire any ownership interest in the Combined Data about you.

Finally, by providing your consent you acknowledge that we may provide usage reports, trend analyses, and other similar aggregated reports to RBCI and/or your employer; provided, however, that no individually identifiable information about you will be disclosed to RBCI or your employer in these reports. 

The Combined Data about you, including the RBCI Information about you that we receive from RBCI, will remain subject to our Privacy Policy.  We value your privacy and the choices you make concerning information about you.  You may withhold your consent to the activities described above, and you may change your mind about your consent or your other preferences at any time by updating your settings.  You can review a current copy of our Privacy Policy, User Terms, Website Terms of Use and our Cookie Policy on the Terms and Conditions page of our website at help.lifeworks.com.

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Version 06.01.2018